Video is one of the most powerful communication mediums. At the heart of video is storytelling, by combining audio and visual elements, video allows you to share stories in a way like no other medium can. Video enables you to tell and show your story in a unique way that can resonate with your audience and inspire them, educate them, question them to think differently, or simply entertain them. 

But… video can also be incredibly expensive and one of the most complicated mediums. One of the biggest mistakes companies make today is using video in isolation, as an individual campaign. I worked with a number of thought-leaders in video marketing to create courses that provide incredibly valuable information on how  to effectively use video in your integrated marketing campaigns. I created the content strategy and was the creative director, executive producer, script writer, and project manager for the video marketing courses. 

Using Video to Amplify Your Content Marketing - Founder of the Content Marketing Institute

Corporate Explainer Videos Explained! - Founder of Switch Video and Switch Merge