Renee Teeley, Founder of Startup Studios: I am an entrepreneur, business advisor, and digital marketing expert with a focus on video and content marketing. I have been featured in the B2B Marketing Leaders podcast, the book Startup Patterns, and the online magazine Startup Savant. 

I created Startup Studios to help other like-minded entrepreneurs start and grow their business. Startup Studios is the intersection of my desire to help people do something meaningful, my love of video, and my passion for innovation. 

I have over 14 years experience working at media and video technology companies ranging from early stage startups to large public companies. I have worked with some of the biggest brands and enterprise companies worldwide, such as Cisco, Oracle, Google, LinkedIn, Intel, Macy’s, Adobe, and many more. I have also worked with countless startup companies and media brands.

Prior to Startup Studios, I was the Global Director of Digital Marketing Solutions at Brightcove, the leading online video platform and solution for media companies and digital marketers.

I have spoken at some of the top industry events in marketing, such as ReelSummit, CEB, and CMI’s Content Marketing Master Class. I also hosted an online video series called Get Reel with Renee. The series featured industry perspectives and insights from key players in the digital marketing and broader technology ecosystem. To find out more about me, please visit